Ultra Fine Grinding Mill Manufacture

There are many grinding mill manufacturers all over the world, so which of them can provide the high quality ultra fine grinding mill with a cheaper price? 

Ultra Fine Grinding Mill Manufacturer

Shanghai Clirik Machinery is a professional ultra fine grinding mill manufacturer in China, we have devoted into the filed of ultra fine grinding mills R&D and manufacturing for more than decades years, we are also be called "grinding expert" in the industry. 

Ultra Fine Grinding Mill Introduction

Clirik HGM series ultra fine grinding mill can be used in more than 200 kinds of minerals 300-2500 mesh powder grinding, such as: calcium carbonate, carbon black, calcite, coconut shell, gypsum, dolomite, limestone, talc, barite, marble. graphite, mica, talc, feldspar, fluorite, zeolite, soap stone, cement and so on. The capacity, according to your different demand about the power fineness, can be adjusted between 1-45 t/h.

Ultra Fine Grinding Mill Advantages

1. High efficiency, when the powder fineness is 2500 mesh, also can ensure the high capacity
2. Energy saving, the electronic consum less 30% than other common grinding mills
3. Long service life, the grinding rollers and grinding rings in the ultra fine grinding mill made by hard materials, the service life is three times longer than other mills
4. Envirnoment friendly, there is less dust when we processing the ultra fine powder, and when we process ultra fine powder, the powder cannot leak

Ultra Fine Grinding Mill Pictures Show

ultra fine grinding mill
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