Mining Industry Use Ultra Fine Powder Mills for 300-3000 Mesh Powder Grinding

300-3000 mesh stone powder grinding is a large processing range for many different grinding mills. Generally speaking, we usually use Raymond mill, ultra fine mill, vertical roller mill in stone powder making processing. However, the application of these machines are different.

Raymond Mill: is one of traditional stone powder making machines which can be used in 50 mesh to 450 mesh stone powder processing, we usually called the stone powder which more than 200 mesh as ultra fine powder. So the Raymond mill can be used in both coarse and ultra fine stone powder grinding, the Raymond mill can be used in 200 kinds of stone powder grinding, such as: calcium carbonate, dolomite, limestone, calcite, carbon black and so on.

Ultra Fine Mill: also be called ultra fine powder grinding mill, micro powder grinding machine and so on. It can be used in 300 mesh to 2500 mesh powder making, the ultra fine mill is one of specially design by ultra fine stone powder grinding machines, the ultra fine mill grind the stone materials by grinding rollers and grinding rings, according to the closely coordination by the classifier, the ultra fine mill can process 300 to 2500 mesh ultra fine stone powder.

Vertical Roller Mill: used for more than 300 kinds of stone materials and other hard materials powder making such as: slag, cement, GGBS and so on, the vertical roller mill can be used in three grade superfine powder making;
1.300-1250 mesh powder making(generally grinding);
2.1250-3000 mesh powder making(after second classifier);
3.3000-10000 mesh powder making(after several classifier and grinding by wet method).

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