The Reason of Why Clirik’s Ultra Fine Vertical Roller Mill is More Expensive Than Other Brands’?

Shanghai Clirik Machinery is one of professional mining equipment manufacturers in China, as we have known that we have devoted into the filed of mining equipment R&D and manufacturing for decades years, and with the continuous research and development and test, we have invent a new technology vertical roller mill, compare with other powder grinding mill on market, it’s really more expensive than them, but if you get the our ultra fine vertical roller mill it must will bring more benefits for your business.

So what’s the reason makes our ultra fine vertical roller mill price more expensive than other grinding mills?

ultra fine vertical roller mill

First, all the grinding parts in the vertical roller mill was made by hard materials, and because the high quality our ultra fine vertical roller mill is, so that the maintain cost if the vertical roller mill is very cheaper than grinding mills, since we put our vertical roller mill into the test 6 years ago, until now the grinding media was just grind 3 mm yet.

Second, we will supply the whole set vertical roller mill operation training, our technology engineers will always ready for solve the problems which you meet in your processing, they will never close their phone, just waiting for your calling, and compare with the common grinding mills, using our ultra fine vertical roller mill can save 3-4 people cost for you.

And then, our ultra fine vertical roller mill process the stone powder in wet grinding method, so the finish powder fineness is more uniform, and the finish stone powder also can be ensured high quality, if you want to process the light color stone powder, we also can ensure your finish powder is clean.

And it’s true, our new technology ultra fine vertical roller mill not just these advantages, if you wan to know more, you can leave your message on our website, and our technical engineers would tell you more. I believe such a high quality, energy saving mining equipment must will get all popular by customers, but I have to tell you a sorry, we just can make 50 sets every years in today’s situation. So if you want to experience this high technology mining equipment, please contact us with no any hesitate.

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