What ultra fine grinding mill can process perlite ?

Perlite ore including perlite, obsidian and pitchstone. Perlite difference between the three is that the arc-shaped cracks due to the formation of condensation, called perlite structure, the water content of 2 to 6%; pitchstone rosin has a unique luster, moisture content of 6 to 10%; obsidian has a glass luster and conchoidal fracture, typically less than 2% moisture. Perlite stable chemical composition, perlite hydrous silicate, wherein the silica 68% -74%, aluminum oxide 11% -15%, while also containing a small amount of potassium, sodium oxide, calcium oxide, magnesium oxide and iron oxide. Perlite water content range of 1% to 14% (typically 4-6%). Perlite ore are all glassy, ??Devitrification slight transparency best expansion in multiples of 20 times or more are quality ore (a); devitrification glassy, ??Devitrification slight, better transparency, multiple expansion between 10-20 times as moderately ore (two); devitrification significantly, with more phenocrysts, poor transparency, expanded by a multiple of more than 10 times as inferior ore. Regulations do not currently produce low-grade ore industry. Vitreous ore expansion is causing basic conditions, water is the internal causes of the expansion of the ore, iron ore is one of the negative factors affecting the expansion.
Perlite ultrafine grinding mill mainly uses international advanced and mature set of crushing, drying, grinding, separator, delivery in one of the vertical grinding mill process, which has a small footprint, simple process, high grinding efficiency, energy low consumption, low noise, high drying capacity, product fineness is easy to adjust, easy no dust pollution and maintenance, reliable operation. shanghai Clirik ultra fine grinding mill technology and equipment has reached the international advanced level, the entire production line equipped with advanced quality testing equipment, from raw materials into manufactured products factory to have established a set of strict quality assurance management system, and the implementation of advanced data management, project run social benefits significantly.
Today the ultra fine grinding mill production was heavy economy gradually transformed into a combination of economic and environmental development of production. The gradual march towards green production. Meanwhile, the appeal of which is the country's sustainable development, largely spared the impetus for the sustainable development of the country's economic construction.
As consistently high-quality companies mining equipment are shanghai Clirik scientific and technical research, the introduction of energy efficient ultra fine grinding mill, we should strive to innovate, to develop new high-yield, environmentally friendly products, and gradually beyond the world brand.
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