What kind of grinding mill is used for light calcium?

Light calcium is an abbreviation for light calcium carbonate and is one of the important industrial fillers of calcium carbonate. The application of light calcium in industry is also very extensive, and the annual market demand is huge. In particular, light calcium powder of more than 800 mesh is increasingly favored by high-precision industries. What kind of grinding mill is used for light calcium?
ultra fine vertical roller mill
Light calcium can also be called precipitated calcium carbonate. Compared with heavy calcium carbonate, the processing of light calcium is relatively complicated and stressful. Because of the large volume of sedimentation, it is called light calcium. A common method of processing 800 mesh light calcium powder is carbonization. That is, the limestone ore is calcined into quicklime, and then the water is digested to mature lime, and then carbon dioxide is carbonized to form a calcium carbonate precipitate, and finally dehydrated, dried, ground, classified, etc. to produce a light calcium product.
In the final step of the final grinding grading, what kind of grinding is used for light calcium? What kind of milling equipment do I need to use to get 800 mesh light calcium powder processed products? The clirik series of light calcium superfine grinding roll mills are recommended here. Crikik ultra-fine grinding roller mill is an economical and practical environment-friendly equipment for processing ultra-fine powder. It has small floor space, high efficiency of grinding and classification, low investment cost, wearable and durable wearing parts, and fineness from 325 mesh to 3000 mesh. Flexible adjustment.
ultrafine vertical mill
After processing light calcium, it is used in many industries, such as plastics, rubber, paper, paint, paint, ink, glass, metallurgy, daily chemicals, construction, food, medicine, textile, etc. It is a key organic filler. At the same time, with the development of technology, ultra-fine light calcium will gradually be favored by the market, extending to the direction of high-tech industry, the role of 800-mesh light calcium powder will be deepened.

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