Ultra Fine powder machine maintenance method

A lot of technology used to repair ultra fine powder machine equipment,  The widespread use of Repair process are welding repair, welding, metal spray and spray welding, brush plating, reasonable choice of adhesive, surface strengthening, etc. Reasonable to choose repair technology, can improve the repair quality, reduce the repair cost, speed up the repair.
In accordance with the requirements of repair and repair process characteristics, when you choosing the repair technology,you can from the following several aspects to consider:
First repair technology on material adaptability: any kind of repair process has its limitations, understand all kinds of process to adapt to the situation of material for rational selection process is of great importance.
Second  all kinds of repair technique can achieve the thickness of repair:  due to wear degree difiirent, all kinds of powder machine equipment repair layer thickness is different too.
Third ultra fine powder machine equipment structure's influence on the process selection: such as inner shaft neck unfavorable choose set set of repair.When the shaft diameter thread into small car level, It's consider whether the nut malignant restricted by near shaft diameter larger size, by using additional Raymond mill equipment repair and working hours, whether there is room for processing, etc.
Fourth the strength of the powder machine equipment repaired, should consider the strength of the repair layer, repairing layer and the bonding strength of ultra fine powder machine equipment, as well as the strength of the powder machine equipment repair after changes.All kinds of craft in the general conditions to repair the layer strength vary widely.
Fifth physical properties of ultra fine powder machine equipment repair process: the influence of repair layer physical properties, such as hardness, density of workability, wear resistance and directly affect the processing and use.
That is just ultra fine powder machine maintenance plan, and for your reference.
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