Superfine Powder Making Ultra Fine Mill in Chinese Price

There are many ultra fine mill manufacturers in China, and there is also very rich resource of stone materials too. As one of professional superfine powder making machines suppliers in China, we can receive at least 10 inquiries about our ultra fine mills a day in domestic, so do you know what’s the price of ultra fine mill in China?

Generally speaking, almost all the product has different prices when it’s in different places, because the transport and other thing, we usually will pay more attention to the abroad customers and try our best to make our customers satisfied. So the price of abroad order will usually be little higher than domestic’s orders. But, this phenomenon is nonexistent in our Shanghai Clirik, because we are usually regard our customers profit as our goal. So no matter in domestic or abroad, the price of our ultra fine mills is same.

ultra fine mills

As one of ultra fine mills suppliers, we are not sale the ultra fine mills only, we also can supply other mining mills for you, such as: stone crushers, conveyor, elevators, powder packing machines and so on. You will relief put your work to us, we can set the whole stone powder production line for you, and it’s most save money of time method for you.

You must will ask, what the price of our ultra fine mills, there are mainly 5 models ultra fine mills in our company, there are HGM80, HGM90, HGM100, HGM125 and HGM1680(according to machines’ diameter size), take HGM80 as an example, the hoist of HGM80 is about $35000, if you wanna us set a HGM80 stone powder production line, according to your demand, the final price $50000-$65000. And among these different size ultra fine mills, HGM1680 is the most expensive.

Are you interested in our ultra fine mills, and if you are want to start your own business by your stone materials, welcome to contact us to know more details, and contact us in this page, you will get more discount prices of our mining machines. 

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