How to Reduce Ultra Fine Powder Mill Production Cost

As we all know that in the daily operate of ultra fine powder mill, there will many issues can increase the cost of ultra fine powder mill when we are are using it. In these days, we are also received some customers message, they asked us, how to reduce the ultra fine powder mill production cost, when they are running a ultra fine powder mill.

In order to effectively reduce the operating cost of the ultra fine powder mill, Shanghai Clirik machinery has developed a new type of oil assembly, which is made of modern and good technology, energy-efficient, and uses a variety of sealing devices to effectively solve the previous assembly. The oil leakage caused by vibration and wear has solved the problem of frequent bearing damage. The advantage of the new oil assembly is that it can save oil, because its sealing device is good, there will be no oil leakage, and no dust will enter the turbidity of the lubricating oil, so you don't need to add oil once a week, about a week. Add a lubricant once. In addition, the bearing of the ultra fine powder mill will not suffer from oil shortage. Generally, the bearing of the new oil assembly can be replaced once every 8 months, which greatly reduces the replacement frequency of the bearing.

Ultra fine powder mill can be used in more than 200 kinds of ore materials 300-2500 mesh powder grinding, including calcium carbonate, calcite, barite, limestone, dolomite, carbon black, gypsum, mica, marble, talcum and so on. And according to your different powder fineness choice, the capacity can be control in the range 1-45 t/h. if you are interested in our ultra fine powder mill and want to know more details, welcome to leave your message on our website, and we will arrange our customer manager contact you back with more information about ultra fine powder mill to you as soon as possible.

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