Mine ultra fine powder grinding mill into production in Shandong market

Currently, the company put on the market in Shandong mine ultra fine powder grinding mill, respectively, for the Shandong city of gypsum powder, calcite powder, calcium carbonate, talc ore grinding and machining projects. Investment Shifen a factor that must be considered in Shandong is the device pollution on the environment. Shandong is also phasing out of environmental pollution, low efficiency of equipment, such as ultra fine powder to get used to process Raymond and other equipment. We know that the fineness of ordinary Raymond processing is limited, can not meet the higher requirements of the fineness of powder, with Raymond to the processing of ultrafine powder caused a waste of resources and pollution of the environment, but the main thing is a waste of electricity and other energy sources, at present, the situation in Shandong has been relatively less. 
ultra fine powder grinding mill
Shandong is China's industrial city, a beautiful environment.At the same time, Shandong is China's major gypsum powder, the main origin of talc, currently there are large and small municipal districts gypsum powder, talcum powder processing factory tens of thousands, occupy a major part of Shandong's. Shandong while vigorously developing the economy, but  it attaches great importance to environmental protection, the choice of the ultra fine powder grinding mill can be seen. 
Ultra fine powder grinding Mill on the Clirik Machinery Company Limited mine ultra fine powder grinding mill. My company's successful run of mine mill equipment market in Shandong, but also marks the company's mines in Shandong mill fully able to meet the needs of customers. In the design of environmental protection, the company adopted the entire mill production line seal the deal, in addition to the inlet and outlet estuary without any exports, to ensure that the dust is not compromised, the other in the right spout design on my the company also uses mill currently the most advanced technology for a pulse dust removal processing, the resulting product is static, not suspended. These two aspects of the design greatly enhances the environmental requirements. 

Fineness notable feature of this type of ultra fine powder grinding mill and the other is processed through rate. Ore powder fineness using this device for processing up to 3,000 head, a one-time pass rate D97. Fineness can meet a variety of requirements, customers can not only get the equipment to process gypsum, talcum powder can also be used to process calcite, calcium carbonate, light calcium, clay, barite, pyrophyllite, petroleum coke, apatite, bauxite, gravel, activated bentonite mill. 
Currently, Clirik Machinery Company Limited has occupied the market of mine ultra fine powder grinding mill about half of the market, can provide better service for customers in Shandong. Clirik welcome everyone to visit our factory.
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