How to solve ultrafine grinding mill bearing rust


When the summer rainy season is coming,At the same time many annoying problems are coming .Especially the costermor of use ultra fine grinding mill, the Ultra fine grinding mill's bearing is easy to rust in wet air , once It rusted,  Users will face great loss.Recently, my company's after-sales service have received several of the southern customer calls, ask Ultra fine grinding mill bearing rust should be how to do?Our technical staff is given a few action to solve the problems .Small editor  secretly recorded, Now we enjoy it with you.
Bearing is one of the most important parts in ultra fine grinding mill, replace the bearing is a complicated process,It not only bring more troubles, and the delay of production schedule, etc.So the user should strengthen daily for bearing accessories and maintenance work.
Ultra fine Grinding mill's bearing usually divided into Main bearing and auxiliary bearing. In different circumstances, if the main bearing rust problem, You can put the  rusty bearing  into the diesel soak a minutes, or put it out and use fine sand paper burnish, In this way it will get rid of rust, you can make it work.If mill auxiliary bearing rust and other problems, you can consider whether to replace a new auxiliary bearing, but the cost will increase.
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