How to improve ultra fine powder grinding mill production capacity

ultra fine powder grinding mill

Customer depending on the nature of the materials to processing equipment production capacity is expected to yield of finished products.In the process of concrete production practice, some ultra fine powder grinding mill finished product output amounted to less than expected the influence factors of production, so we need to analysis of various influence factors are reasonably and to improve, to ensure that the ultra fine powder grinding mill equipment in high efficiency and stable production environment, work smoothly production, and rapid completion of the expected output.
First  The nature of the material.The properties of the material for the production of ultra fine powder grinding mill directly.The hardness of the material increases, in order to adequately grinding effect for the material, on grinding ring of roller grinding pressure and the corresponding will also increase, but at the moment the wastage of the equipment will also increase, lead to equipment production capacity is lower, the finished production is lower.If the humidity of materials, in the use of ultra fine powder grinding mill pulverizing process will be very easy to produce fine powder adhesion, even adhesion on the equipment components, reduce superfine mill production efficiency, the finished material in the process of transport also is likely to cause circulating air duct, analyzer, discharging mouth equipment jams, finished product production cannot meet predetermined requirement.

Second  Milling machining of fly ash used as roadbed filler, 4% ~ 6% of fly ash or lime mixture mixing packing, can be used in the groove and roadbed filler, met the requirement of the strength of fly ash can't to the environment, especially the water pollution, its strength is high.Gravel as coarse aggregate in the class of lime fly ash mixture, can improve the early strength of the road.
Third Because the production principle of the ultra fine pulverizer is through the roller of ring rolling role to realize the material powder production, so the quality of the grinding roller and grinding ring, the better, the production function of the material is more sufficient, if the roller grinding ring used in a short time after severe wear, cannot achieve good grinding effect for the material, the production efficiency is low, the finished production can not meet predetermined standards.
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