How to choose calcite grinding equipment?

Calcite is a common natural calcium carbonate widely distributed. It is heavy calcium carbonate and can be used for grinding powder. The ground calcite powder can be used in the cement manufacturing industry and is the main raw material for making cement. It can also be used in chemical, rubber, plastics, coatings, medicine, papermaking, building materials and other industries.

When choosing calcite grinding equipment, you need to consider the following factors:

Properties of Calcite

Calcite has a hardness of 3 and a Mohs hardness of 3-3.5, making it a medium-hard mineral. The density of calcite is 2.71g/cm³ and has a large specific gravity. The crystal structure of calcite is orthorhombic and has good cleavage properties.

According to the properties of calcite, the following points should be noted when selecting a grinding mill:

The hardness of the grinding mill should not be lower than the hardness of calcite, otherwise it will cause increased wear and affect the service life of the equipment.

The sealing surface of the grinding mill should be smooth to prevent the adhesion of calcite powder.

The structure of the grinding mill should be compact to prevent leakage of calcite powder.

Production requirements

The production requirements of calcite grinding equipment mainly include output, finished product particle size, powder fineness, etc.

Output: According to the output requirements of calcite, select the appropriate type of grinding machine.

Finished product particle size: According to the finished product particle size requirements of calcite, select the appropriate outlet size of the grinding mill.

Powder fineness: According to the calcite powder fineness requirements, select the appropriate grinding method of the grinder.

Cost of investment

The investment cost of calcite grinding equipment mainly includes equipment purchase fees, installation and commissioning fees, operation and maintenance fees, etc.

Equipment purchase fee: The equipment purchase fee is determined based on the model, output, configuration and other factors of the calcite grinding equipment.

Installation and commissioning fees: The installation and commissioning fees will be determined based on the difficulty of installation and commissioning of the calcite grinding equipment.

Operation and maintenance fees: The operation and maintenance fees are determined according to the operation and maintenance requirements of the calcite grinding equipment.

Based on the above factors, you can comprehensively consider choosing the appropriate calcite grinding equipment.

The following are some commonly used calcite grinding equipment:

Raymond mill: Raymond mill is a commonly used grinding mill with the characteristics of high output and uniform particle size of finished products. It is suitable for coarse and fine grinding of calcite.


Ultra-fine grinding mill: Ultra-fine grinding mill is a new type of grinding machine, which has the characteristics of fine particle size and good powder dispersion. It is suitable for ultra-fine grinding of calcite.


Ball mill: Ball mill is a traditional grinding mill with simple structure and reliable operation. It is suitable for wet grinding of calcite.

When choosing calcite grinding equipment, you can consult a professional grinding mill manufacturer to choose the appropriate equipment according to the actual situation.

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