How to adjust the ultra fine powder grinding mill of fineness and production

The machine of output and working quality to determines the development of an enterprise economy, so to improve the yield and quality of machine is machine manufacturers and users are concern.Ultra fine powder grinding mill had been widely used in many industry, so how to adjust the fineness of the flour mill and production, Clirik as professional mill manufacturers to share with you about ultra fine powder grinding mill.

Ultra fine powder grinding mill of mesh and yield is inversely proportional , as long as it is under the condition of high fineness requirement, production must be is because the fineness requirement height make analyzer speed is accelerated, coarser material is not the past, to back down and grinding.Thus lengthening the material inside the mill, grinding time, that is to say, in a unit time consumed products out after a long time, so the quantity is less.
The process of the ultra fine powder grinding mill, air volume and fineness of conditioning is need to regularly.In order to meet the requirements of production, it is necessary to master mill regulate some of the common sense, today we will share with you several kinds of commonly used method of ultra fine powder grinding mill: distance ring diameter, the distance ring diameter size decided the time duration of the particles in the crushing room.The more the greater the distance ring diameter, particle residence time is short, the greater the crushed product size, the higher yield, and vice versa.Air volume, can adjust the mill outlet butterfly valve control air volume.Air volume increase, the product particle size increase, and vice versa;Discharge quantity, adjust the slag discharge device of discharge orifice size to control the discharge amount,it can improve the product quality and purity;Grading impeller and spacer ring clearance, clearance is reduced, the product fine;Clearance increases, dilatation of the product.
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