GGBS-ultra fine powder machine

What is a slag?Slag is that ore after ore washing or smelting residue .So what is the GGBS? Its short for is  graining of blast furnace slag powder,It is a kind of high-quality concrete admixture, Conform to the GB/T203 standard granulated blast furnace slag, after drying, grinding, reaching a fineness and conforms to the powder,it reachs quite a fine activity index of the powder.
With the mineral resources are continual development and using, a large number of slag were residual, how to save resources?But after slag grinding into powder, Its role is very big,  If you know the slag powder production technical requirements, you can know its applied field is very wide and role is very big also, production of GGBS on the density, specific surface area, activity index and fluidity ratio, water content, the content of sulphur trioxide, the chloride ion content, ignition loss, all of these have index requirements.
So what,we make slag to be GGBS?It's professional  ulttra fine GGBS powder machine, a complete set of equipment is made up of host micro powder mill, classifier, powder, fan and muffler, acoustic room, crusher, elevator, bin, feeding unit, one of the most important thing is to host GGBS Ultra fine powder machine, its performance characteristics are: high efficiency, low consumption, long service life of wearing parts, high safety and reliability, product fineness high, fineness and the adjusting range is extensive, the advanced intelligent frequency conversion governor.So we can according to the different needs of customers to provide their requirements to the grain fineness,GGBS Ultra fine power machine professional slag accumulation, solve the problem of waste, recycle waste materials.
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