Working Efficient Self-Checking of Ultra Fine Grinding Mill

If you want to ensure the ultra fine grinding mill running in a high efficiency, it is necessary to detect the ultra fine grinding mill regularly. However, through observing the ultra fine grinding mill working, you can find if the ultra fine grinding mill in a good state.

ultra fine grinding mill

Production Capacity

The production capacity of ultra fine grinding mill includes the production capacity, the utilization coefficient, the specific particle size utilization coefficient and so on. Only when the type of the equipment, the specifications, the nature of the ore, the size of the ore feed and the size of the product are the same as that of the regulations. Only in the utilization coefficient of the ore particle size, particle size of products is similar conditions, can reflect all kinds of ore properties and grinding. The utilization coefficient of specific particle size can reflect the working condition more accurately, and can compare the production capacity of different specifications, different feed sizes and product granularity.

Working Time Ratio

It refers to the percentage of actual working hours in a month or a year. The operation rate of the ultra fine grinding mill reflects its technical state, and its level reflects the management level of the staff. This can also reveal and analyze the impact of the grinding work not working properly. Take effective measures to improve. To improve the operation rate of ultra fine grinding mill equipment will improve the production capacity of grinding workshop.


Generally speaking, because the ultra fine grinding mill is mainly used in stone and hard materials powder grinding, so when the working time, there will noise appear, we'll build a soundproof room to reduce the noise. However, if there appear a loudly noise in ultra fine grinding mill, it shows that there are some losses inside the ultra fine grinding mill. This must draw our attention.

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