Clirik ultra fine mill HGM1680 successfully developed

HGM1680 is our factory original technology based on original HGM series ultra fine mill expansion developed a new type of ore ultra fine mill. Our flagship HGM series grinding mill has been producing high fineness, high yield of powder-based, new HGM1680 also to meet the user's actual production needs to increase the capacity of equipment, improve production efficiency.
ultra fine mill
In the past, users produce high fineness powder, it tends to always keep up production, the actual production can not meet demand, overtime production will inevitably lead to the loss of energy, the user direct losses are large, I take into account that many users produce problems on the positive development of the largest ultra-fine powder production equipment, hoping to ease the distress on user productivity, low yield solve technical problems.
HGM1680 still follow the original roll grinding method to increase the diameter of the roller mill ring number, so the number of times the material is milled in a unit time more, and to achieve a higher degree of fineness, the greater the yield. In the production material we introduced a new high-manganese steel, machine more durable, reducing wear and tear parts, greatly reducing maintenance costs late. In terms of energy consumption, we still employ the most energy-efficient motor drive, the overall energy consumption can be reduced than in the past than about 10%, the indirect benefits for the user to create.
The new HGM Ultra fine Mill has been gradually put into use in the country,if you would like to know the ultra fine mill can get in touch with me, we can arrange for a user to visit the site, users can bring to the field of materials testing machine in person, we  welcome to you.
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