Cheaper Price Ultra Fine Powder Mills for Sale

Ultra fine powder mill usually be called ultra fine powder grinder, superfine powder grinding mill and so on. Generally speaking the powder fineness ability of ultra fine powder mill can be adjusted between 300-2500 mesh, and according to your choice of stone powder fineness, the finial capacity will in the range of 1-45 t/h, take 800 mesh gypsum ultra fine powder making as an example, when we process 800 mesh gypsum powder by ultra fine powder mill, the maximum capacity can up to 30 t/h.

ultra fine powder mills

There are many different types of ultra fine powder mills on the market, and as one of professional ultra fine powder mills’ manufacturer, Shanghai Clirik had devoted into the filed of ultra fine powder grinder machine R&D and manufacturing for decades years, we are usually be called “grinding expert” in the industry. According to the diameter difference in five model ultra fine powder mills, the smallest among these machines is called HGM80, and the largest is called HGM1680, others name are HGM90, HGM100 and HGM125, all of them are belong to the HGM ultra fine powder grinder machines’ big family.

The most popular ultra fine powder mill in these five models ultra fine powder grinder machines is HGM80, although, the capacity of HGM80 is the smallest in these five models ultra fine powder grinder machines, the price of HGM80 will be the cheapest in his family. Like other four HGM series ultra fine powder grinder machines, the HGM80 can be used in more than 150 kinds of different stone materials powder grinding, such as: calcium carbonate, calcite, carbon black, dolomite, feldspar, gypsum, limestone, kaolin, marble and so on. And the HGM80 ultra fine powder mill is not only can be used in mining industry, it also play a very important role in chemical, filling materials making, and other many different areas.

As for the price of HGM80 ultra fine powder mills, as the title mention it has a cheaper price, however, how cheap the ultra fine powder mill is? If you just wanna buy the main unit of HGM series ultra fine powder grinder machine, the price will in the range between $25000-$65000. however, as a professional mining equipment manufacturer, we also can supply other different mining use machines for you, no matter you are need stone crushers, powder making machines, powder packing machines, conveyors or other, we also can supply it for you. And you can leave your demand message on our website, according to your message, our engineers sales will set a program for your business. Contact us back in our website, I promise you can get a huge discount, thanks for your reading.

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