Capacity and price of large ultra fine grinding mill

In the mining industry, the production capacity of ultra fine grinding mills has not been high. The higher the fineness of the required grinding powder, the more difficult the grinding is, and it takes more time to grind. Now the large ultra fine grinding mill on the market. How big is the capacity of the ultra fine grinding mill, and how much is it? Xiaobian introduces for everyone.
Large ultra fine grinding mill capacity
Want to know how big the output of the large ultra fine grinding mill is, here we have to figure out the user's requirements for the production of grinding powder, whether it is to produce 300 mesh, or 500 mesh, or 800 mesh, 1000 mesh, because different discharges The fine grinding requirement can greatly affect the production output per hour of the ultra fine mill. The same ultra fine grinding mill grinds the ore in the same area and processes it into 300 mesh or 800 mesh. The grinding output per hour is not Wait. There is also a need to understand the hardness of the ore that needs to be ground, because each ore has a different hardness. When it encounters an ore that is easy to grind, the output will increase by 5-10% within the normal range of the equipment, and if the ultra fine grinding mill encounters Ore is difficult to grind, which may cause the hourly output of the equipment to drop, so we must also know the fineness of the ore processed by the user, and the nature of the ore.
ultra fine grinding mill
The price of large ultra fine grinding mill
The market price of large-scale ultra fine grinding mill is affected by different factors such as output, technical content, and manufacturers. The higher the general output, the higher the price, the different manufacturers, the technical content of the ultra fine grinding mill is different, such as the three appear on the market. The technical content of the roller mill, four-roll mill and five-roll mill is different, and the price is definitely different. So you want to know the specific price of the large ultra fine grinding mill, users can go directly to the factory to consult and understand, you can also screen out a few more competitive manufacturers at the same time consult, and then compare and choose one of the most suitable equipment .
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