The ultra fine powder machine manufaturer

As a kind of high quality raw materials of manufacturing fine coal-water slurry and coal based materials, the demand for ultra-pure coal is increasing, and its manufacture is also more and more important. The ultra fine powder machine technology is a new grinding technology in the recent 20 years. It is mainly used for superfine processing and improving materials, the grinding product is called superfine powder. It is widely used in chemical, microelectronics, pharmaceutical, materials and so on. Because of the differences of industry, uses and equipment, superfine powder particle sizes are not the same. There are many coal sorting equipments, powder mill are the commonly used.

After superfine grinding, due to materials increased surface area and decreased volume, and also has some characteristics, such as good dispersion, adsorption, surface activity and low melting point, strong magnetic characteristics. In ultra-pure coal manufacture, in order to ensure coal and minerals are full dissociation, the coal particle size after ultra fine powder machine is usually very fine, specifically is decided by secondary minerals.

Liming Industry Heavy has many mill patents, after the improvement of High Pressure Suspension Mill and other high efficient, high performance mills come into being. Ulta fine powder machine produced by Clirik can basically meet the coal powder size form several tens mesh to several thousands mesh. The industrial applications are very wide. It is mainly used in all kinds of metal and nonmetal ores milling industry, and coal processing, cement processing etc. In addition, in coal processing, the body of Liming mill is increased explosion-proof equipment, adopting high performance explosion-proof motor and so on, so that the grinding process is more secure, efficient.

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