Clirik’s limestone ultra fine powder machine

Now the fundamental industry and decoration industry are developing fastly, more and more place will use the limestone. But before using limestone, it usually need to be processing by ultra fine powder machine. The limestone powder grinded by the ultra fine powder machine is common material in industry, especially in fundamental construction. The application of limestone powder is considerable expert for being the necessary material in cement steel. Of course, different size of limestone powder have different application, but it consists of industrial application and chemical application. Now the application of limestone powder is wide, which grinding machine could process limestone?

As far as we knew, the demand for finished size is not strict for the place where use large numbers of limestone powder. The finished size is about 70μm in construction industry, but it away need grinding machine with the high capacity.

On the other hand, there are many industries where use high fineness limestone powder. Most of them used in chemical industry, such as rubber industry, plastic industry and PVC industry. The size could be up to 800μm. On producing ultra fine limestone powder, limestone ultra fine powder machine and high pressure suspension mill are the best choices to process limestone. They could not only process limestone, but also Calcite, Barite. It could be up to 300μm, and can adjust the size from 300~3000μm.
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