Ultra Fine Powder Machine teaches you how to save electricity

Ultra fine powder machine is an important equipment in energy production. Improving its efficiency is a significant step in saving energy and resource. In order to follow low carbon economical development tendency, Clirik’s ultra fine powder machine is fighting for saving energy. Ultra fine powder machine’s expert would teaches you how to save energy.As far as we knew, ultra fine powder machine consumes a large number of electricity by operating engine on working. If you want to save energy, you could start from engine. What you should do is from these aspects:

1. Feeding speed be steady as possible as one can; if feeding speed is over fast, it will increase the ultra fine powder machine operating load, and causes over consumption. If the feeding speed is slow, it also cause waste of electricity.

2. The incoming material should be controlled moderately, neither over rough, nor over fine. Material into the grinding particle size is too large in the indoor stay for long time, the grinding time and electricity consumption also be enlarged. If the material is over fine, it would block the equipment.

3. Whether the powder flow could be discharged. Because of wet material, the ultra fine powder machine ‘s outlet is easy to be blocked. It cause a large number of powder inside. Once operating, the obstruction will enlarge, and cause electricity waste.

In order to respond nation’s appeal to save electricity, our company has lanched a new type ultra fine powder machine. It’s less faults than other machine, and saving 50% electricity. It greatly reduces the cost, and got a good reputation at home and abroad.
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