Ultra fine powder machine drives secondary utilization of coal resources

Exploitation and utilization of coal is playing a huge role not only to the social economy, but also  significant impact on the environment. Coal gangue and coal bed gas are the main waste during coal developing, and regarded as hazardous material and gas by coal industry. In the condition of lack of energy gradually, people becomes to realize the available using of waste. According to our practice situation of China, coal waste have 5 aspects in its application.

1. The coal mine filling. On the basic of gradually reform mining process, using coal gangue directly fill the worked out section or fill in worked out section after processing on earth.
2. Coal mines in the ground subsidence filling, reclamation of leveling and paving the way.
3. coal gangue power generation
4. Coal gangue generate electricity. Coal gangue with more carbon and high heat could generate electricity as fluid-bed.
5. Produce construction material such as brisk, cement, and lightweight aggregate.

Recently, many utilization way have been developed at home and abroad. The basic principle is making a difference, making the best use, and combined with all kinds of utilization way on the basic of checking clearly the nature of coal gangue, then forming a certain scale and comprehensive utilization system to earn the best economical profit. Clirik’s ultra fine powder machine owned excellent quality, professional service after sales, and got a good reputation in ultra fine powder machine. Welcome to Clirik to visit out company and choose ultra fine powder machine.
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