How to avoid ultra fine powder machine loosing and abrading

Ultra fine powder machine is widely applied to industry. At former period if users control unproperly, it would affect capacity and life span of ultra fine powder machine at the latter period. it’s very important to do properly at former period.

1. Loosing

Loosing is caused that the new processing spare is existing shape and size’s deviation. At the former period, owing to being impacted and shook, heating and out of shaping, it’s easy to make fixed spare loosing. Unproperly operating cause fault, even accident. The bad grease is hard to forming oil slick on average to avoid abrading.

2. High speed of abrading

The high speed of abrading is affected by the spare processing, installation and adjustment. The surface of abrade is rough, and matching surface’s square is small. On ultra fine powder machine operating, the surface of spare is jogging and rubbing each other, the falling metal mesh as grinding material go on being grinded, which exceeds the matching surface’s abrading. Therefore, on breaking in period, it’s easy to cause the spare abrading. At that time, if ultra fine powder machine overworking, it may lead spare damaged.
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