Climbing Mountain Sanqing On Tomb-sweeping Day

Tomb-sweeping Day is Chinese traditional holiday. From 4th to 6th April, Clirik organized staff traveling Mountain Sanqing. And this travel left a nice impression in staff’s memories.

In order enrich staff’s live and relax them in busy working life, this year Clirik organized staff to travel Mountain Sanqing in Jiangxi Province. On the morning of 4th April, Clirik’ staff went to Mountain Sanqing by bus. It took almost 8hours to arrive in Province Jiangxi. There were lots of travellars visiting Mountain Sanqing from all the world every year. At the foot of Mountain Sanqing, Clirk’s staff became a team and climbed to the waist of mountain by cable. The tourist guides talking lots of funny stories and some mysterious stories about the mountain. On the way, Clirik’s staff took plenty of pictures to remember their happiness.

ultra fine grinding machine
Through this travel, clirk strength its cohesion power and team spirits. Clirik -an expert in ultra fine grinding machine- hopes that we could gain a great achievement in 2013 year.

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