What should I do if the powder output of the ultrafine mill is reduced?

The ultra-fine grinding mill is a special mechanical equipment for processing ore powder. This equipment has the advantages of low noise, low vibration, high fine powder, high output and so on.


When the superfine grinding mill is working, if there is a failure, you need to pay attention. For example, if there is a decline in output, it will lead to slow production and a decline in production line output. So how to solve this situation?


The main reason for the low working efficiency of the ultrafine grinding mill is that the spindle speed is too low.

• Insufficient power, loose tape or serious wear will affect the flow rate, so the spacing should be adjusted appropriately.

• The grinding teeth become blunt, and the position of the static and moving grinding discs should be adjusted. If the grinding tooth wear is serious, it should be replaced in time.

• The screening efficiency of the powder screening device is low, and the adjustment and cleaning and screening components should be checked.

ultrafine mill

In the process of grinding the ore by the ultra-fine mill, the powder is coarse and the main reason for the impurities is that the sieve is too thin or broken, which causes some impurities to leak into the powder.

• If the gap between the grinding discs is too small or the grinding teeth are too sharp, the impurities are ground into fines and mixed into the powder.

• The water content of the material is too small, and the material is too fine and mixed into the powder if it is too dry.

• If the material flow is too small, the ground powder will be finer, but it will also cause the problem of reduced output.


There is another situation that makes the particle size of the ultrafine grinding mill coarser. What is the situation?

First of all, the possible reason for the coarser particle size of the ultrafine mill is that during the installation process of the mill, improper installation will cause the blades to wear and the particle size will become coarser.

ultrafine grinding mill

The second is that the analyzer is malfunctioning. We all know that the analyzer is used to classify materials. If the blades of the analyzer are severely worn, the analyzer will not play a role in classification. In turn, the particle size of the powder will be coarser or too fine. In this case, only the blades need to be replaced.


Another reason is that the air volume of the fan has not been adjusted properly. If the air volume is too large, the powder particle size will become coarse. On the contrary, if the air volume is too small, the powder particle size will be finer.


The above is the reason why the powder output of the ultra-fine grinding mill has decreased and the powder particle size has become coarse, and the corresponding solutions. Hope to help you better understand the work of the mill. If you need to buy an industrial grinding mill or have related questions, you can leave us a message.


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