3000 mesh feldspar ultra fine grinder mill

what is feldspar
Usually Feldspar is called orthoclase,it blong to monoclinic, usually in red meat, white or gray. Density 2.54-2.57g / cm3, the proportion of 2.56 ~ 2.59g / cm3, hardness 6, the theoretical component of SiO2 64.7% Al2O3 18.4%, K2O 16.9%. It has a low melting point , melting interval for a long time, and high melt viscosity, widely used in ceramic blanks, ceramic glazes, glass, porcelain, abrasive materials and other industrial sectors and manufacturing of potash used. 

3000 mesh felder ultra fine grinder mill
3000 mesh feldspar processing need to use Clirik ultra fine grinder mill equipment, ultra fine grinder mill for processing materials: quartz, feldspar, clay, kaolin, bentonite, calcite, talcum, barite, firefly stone, clay, white clay, gypsum, etc. the following seven Mohs hardness below 6% humidity at various non-explosive mineral materials. Grinder  mill manufactures 325 mesh size range -3000.

Types of  ultra fine grinder mill:
Model HGM80 HGM90 HGM100 HGM100A HGM125
Ring Diameter(mm) 800 930 1035 1035 1300
Ring Number(layer) 3 3-4 3 4 4
Roller Number (piece) 21 24-32 27 34-36 40-44
Main Shaft Speed (r.p.m.) 230-240 200-220 180-200 180-200 135-155
Input Size(mm) ≤20
Finished Size (μm/mesh) 5-47
Capacity (t/h) 0.5-4.5 0.6-6.5 0.7-7 1 -8.5 1.5-12
Overall Dimension
(L*W*H, m)
13.9x4x6.2 14.7x4.8x7.2 18x4.6x8.6 18x4.6x8.6 14x9x10.25
Motor Power(KW) 145-165 175-192 263 263 378-408

Cost savings is to create profit, ultra fine grinder mill optional equipment manufacturing enterprises in the future, we must make full market investigation. Clirik engineers suggest, be sure to choose a professional type of ultra fine grinder mill machine manufacturers, we should choose have sale protection ultra fine grinder mill equipment.
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