How to reduce dust pollution in the field of ultrafine grinding machine

It's easy to suffer some little problem during operating ultra fine grinding machine. So, it's very important to solve these problems such as maintainence of ultra fine grinding machine, installation and change some spare parts. Today we will focuse on how to deal with dust pollution.

On processing powder, ultra fine grinding machine is easy to produce much dust, which is not only harmful for operator, but also cause enveiromental pollution. The essential reason is on pulsive bag filter.

1. The intial layer on the surface of the filter bag is not enough.

2.The filter bag is broken.

3.The filter bag is ill-equipped.

Usually it's comman that ultra fine grinding machine produces dust during working. Yet it need to pay attention, when the stone girnding machien produces plenty of dusts. If you want to know more about reducing dust pollution, please contact Clirik.

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