Turn on and off ultra fine powder grinding machine

Fine powder grinder is widely used in the industry of mining, construction materials, chemicals, metallurgy, transportation, hydraulic engeering and so on. It's very important to realize how to operate ultra fine grinding machine.

Start up the ultra fine grinding machine
1) Turn on main switch
2) Start air compressor, adjust air pressure of oil-water filter to 0.6-0.7Pa.
3) Turn on bag filter pulse controller, adjust the pulse frequency to one spray every 4-5 seconds, adjust pulse width to 0.5-0.8 seconds (pulse controller was set before delivery).
4) Swith on bucket elevator
5) Start up crusher
6) Feed materials to the crusher till enough crushed materials are ent to the hopper, and then strat the classifier.
7) Switch on VVVF/VFD(Variable Voltage Variable Frequency Inverter). Adjust the rotation the rotation speed of the classifier. to 100 meshes; please see the following adjusting method of VVVF/VFD.)
8). Start up high pressure blower, switch air controller to maximum.
9) Start the main unit after the blower runs normally
10) Start vibraing feeder; adjust the current ofmain unit to normal operating amperage( refer to the remarks attached).
11) After preparation of packaging, start discharging valve and screw conveyor for the finished product.
12) All operations complete.

Switch off the ultra fine grinding machine
1) Stop crusher
2) Stop bucket elevator
3)Stop vibrating feeder
4) Stop the main unit when the value of current is lower than the secified value (refer to 7-2)
5) Stop the high pressure blower
6) Stop the classifier when the high pressure blower stopped completely
7) Stop the discharging valve and screw conveyor when powder collector and bag filter discharged fully
8) Stop the air compressor
9) Stop the pulse controller
10) Shut down the power
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