PV industry brings the development of ultra fine grinding machine

ultra fine grinding machine

The best way to use solar energy is photovoltaic conversion, that is, using the photovoltaic effect make sunlight reflecting into silica material and directly producing electricity. We called the industrial chain based on the application and development of silica as PV industry. It includes  high purity poly silicon production of raw materials, solar cells, solar energy battery components production, and related production equipment manufacturing. PV industry’s swiftly developing stimulates silica processing industry.

PV industry is a huge industry with a big potential market. Silicon carbide powder is the main raw materials in this fields. So with PV industry developing, it bring another opportunity for stone grinding machine industry. Clirik Machinery Co.,Ltd is one of the professional company specializing in grinding equipment in Shanghai, China. Ultra fine grinding machine usually adopts dry grinding. After crushed by crusher, silicon carbide raw material will be grinded by silicon carbide. Then silicon carbide powder will be classified by classifier.
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