Analyze common problems of ultra fine grinding mill

Ultra fine grinding mill is grinding machine for producing fine or superfine powder. It’s simple and compact. Because of the modernized control system, it’s easy and simple to process stone. However, during stone g rinding machine working, it’s easy to cause mechanical breakdown because of technicians’unproper operation or not timely maintenance. Now clirik’experts tech you how to anylize and solve these problems.

1. Motor’s fault. Some working place is harsh for stone grinding machine, and some users need stone grinding machine working for 24 hours. it’s a huge wear for motor. Usually we advice a stop and check after over ten hours working.
2. Plugging powder. It’s common for plugging powder. The main reason is that the material grinded is too wet.It affects the capacity. So if you want to process materials with high water content. It’s better to dry them by dryer.
3.  The temperature of bearing is too high. There are many important bearings in stone grinding machine. However owning to the bad working place, it’s easy to enter dust into bearings, which easily causes bearings high temperate in short time and spares broken. So it’s very important to seal and clean for bearings.

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