Common problems and solution of Bag filter in Ultra fine grinding machine

Clirik's pulse bag filter is of high-efficeiency of the cleaning, long service life, easy to maintain, safe operation. And it is the first choice of bag filter equipment in the top and the bottom of the machine, and can be widely used in purification of all types of crushing and screen equipment. The followings are the common problemes and solutions:

Attention: Ensure the equioment has been stopped before overhual.
Air exhaust impdede 1. Too much powders cling to the filter bags
2. The pressure of pulse spray is not enough
3. The interval of pulse spary too long
4. Filter bags are contaminated by water-oil
1. Dry filter bags, remove the powders on the bags, or replace the filter bags.
2. Check and repari pipes if there is leakage, adjust the pressure of pulse spray
3. Shorten pulse sray time
4. Take out filter bags, dry them in the sun, and remove the powders
5. Replace the contaminated filter bags
Powders discharged with air from muffler There are broken bags of bag filter, which reduced filtering efficiency. Check the bags periodically, repaire or replace the bags if needed
Vibration of blower 1.Powder or dirt on the impeller
2.The shaft hole does not fix the shaft well. The shaft is bended
3. Impeller worn or deformation
4. Connection bolts loose
1. Shut down machine, and remove powder and dirt
2 replace the shaft
Replace or straighten ti up. Fasten the loose bolts.

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