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Most Popularity Ultra Fine Powder Making Machine in 2018   Time:2018-11-01 09:23   Click:

There are just two months were be left in 2018, in the past ten months, the development of powder making and mining industry has get a widely range of attention. However, which types of stone powder making grinding mill was the most popular machine in the past few months? CLUM ultra fine vertical roller mill will be the winner.

CLUM ultra fine vertical roller mill is Shanghai Clirik newest superfine stone powder grinding plants, compare with other grinding plants on today’s market, the CLUM vertical roller mill has lots of advantages, such as: the stone powder made bu CLUM vertical roller mill not only has a good quality, uniform size, but also have a superfine stone powder fineness, the powder fineness made by ultra fine vertical roller mill can be divided into three grades, 300-1250 mesh, 1250-3000 mesh, 3000-6000 mesh, and the minimum powder fineness made by ultra fine vertical roller mill can up to 10000 mesh.

ultra fine powder making machines

Beside the fineness advantage, the CLUM vertical roller mill also ha a good quality, when we just started to research and development the ultra fine vertical roller mill, we had cooperate with a domestic stone powder making factory, we sold them a simple vertical roller mill in a very cheaper price, and they would feedback about the use problem about the mill when they are processing stone powder on time. Now three years had past, the operator said the grinding rollers just loss 3 mm. And we sighed a contract in the start of 2018, they ordered two sets CLUM ultra fine vertical roller mill, and become our real first customer about CLUM mill.

In the past, our shanghai Clirik was known as a ultra fine powder making machines manufacturer, and now our ultra fine mill family was also absorbed a new member, CLUM ultra fine vertical roller mill, compare with the ultra fine mills, the main advantages of vertical roller mill is long service life, according our engineers forecast, the use life of vertical roller mill at least can up to 30 years, and in the same time, we can ensure the factory which use our vertical roller mill can get high quality stone powder product and warm after sale service. If you are interested in cooperation with us, welcome to contact us as soon as possible.

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